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Why SR primers crater or fail in the form of blanking so readily, compared to their LRP equivalents, at any given peak pressure is one of those gunsmithing mysteries that Ive never understood but unfortunately its a fact of life one has to be aware. The primer used here was the CCI-BR4 match product, same as I use in my FTR ammunition. This was some 15-20 years ago and the name disappeared here maybe some 10 years back so, anything so branded is old stock. Federal 205 and 205M (match) models. Cratering and Blanking, despite BR/Magnum models with their thicker cups being stronger than the original standard grades, they will still crater/blank with 50,000 psi plus loadings in a rifle with a fat firing-pin and/or one that is a poor fit in the bolt-face aperture thereby. Move onto higher pressure cartridges still and hard primers become essential. I previously mentioned that the Palma shooters had found that the SRP case needs heavier charges to achieve the same MVs, my experience at that time being its usually around a half-grain or slightly more with Hodgdons ADI manufactured powders (H4895, VarGet, IMR-8208 XBR. It is akin to the 450 SRM but has the anvil-depth repositioned in the cup to allow for inadvertent strikes from AR-15 type military rifles floating firing-pins, thereby guarding against slamfires or other highly undesirable unplanned ignition occurrences.

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It is essential to ascertain the case and primer makes/types. Russkies, russian primers present major nomenclature and categorisation problems. Within that, the two CCI models have a reputation for being the hardest out there if you blank those, youve got problems! Remington used to attach a warning to its. If this happens, I suspect it is a production lot issue as the water capacity of fireformed cases bought at the same time have been nearly identical in my experience.1gn water here and thats what I input in Quickload. The Quickload PC program computed.0gn N150 at the actual usable coal as producing 2800 fps MV (32-inch barrel, remember) for a PMax of 55,488 psi, a bit low compared to the saami allowed MAP of 62,000 psi but giving some essential wriggle-room should the.

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The original SR primer was developed in the late 1920s for the 22 Hornet with its 43,500 psi maximum pressure followed by other small, relatively low pressure designs such as the 218 Bee. Murom works closely with Russian ammunition manufacturers Wolf and Barnaul. Put the two issues together and a thick tough cup was not only unneeded by the cartridge but was actually undesirable. If stresses/extrusion become excessive, a small disk or sometimes a cylindrical plug of extruded brass shears out of the centre of the cup (blanking) and is usually blown into the bolt body after the firing-pin tip retracts.

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